Modification Summary

Date: 1/24/2004 to ??

Project: Add the hardware necessary to bring lines aft


  • $80 step plate

  • $40 tools

  • $12 Life Caulk

  • $2 New nuts and bolts

  • more to come


Lines Led Aft

We've only had offline for about 18 months, but already I recognize the need to be able to hoist, reef, and recover sails from the safety of the cockpit.

This is a multi-step project, and the first step (no pun intended) has been completed.

The steps in this project are:

  • Add plate to mast step for turning blocks.
  • Add deck organizer to turn lines aft.
  • Add line clutches (stoppers).
  • Add reefing blocks to boom.
  • Replace main halyard.
  • Add topping lift.
  • Add single-line reefing for first and second reef.
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Anyone with a 26x should be very familiar with the tabernacle.  Here is the "Before" shot, showing the mast, in the step, before the process was started.
And now with the mast down.  The mast on offline has been up for quite some time, and the step plate is quite dirty.  There was also some sign of surface rust which cleaned off easily.  I'm going to unstep the mast at least once per year to inspect this area.
The step has been removed from the deck.  There is a foam layer under the step, which helps seal the join.  I did not scrape this off the deck, although it may have been a good idea.  I thought having the extra layer would probably help.
Here is the original step plate (before it was cleaned).
And here is the new plate after modification.  The plate, as received from Seals Spars had five holes on each side.  Unfortunately, the holes on each end would have interfered with the bolts for the mast and mast-raising pole.  So I had to cut and file the plate to make things fit.  Aside from the power drill used to make the four holes for the bolts, the entire milling job was done by hand.  I did this to maintain better control over the process.

You will also note the notch on the "Aft" (towards the lower right of the photo).  This creates the relief necessary for the centerboard control line to pass.

Here is the original step stacked on top of the new plate.  A portent of things to come.
And here is the complete sandwich, mounted back on the deck, and with the mast raised and done.
  We are now looking at the deck organizer phase of the project.  Working on it as money and time permit.  I hope to finish this project this year, but I'd also rather sail than work on the boat, so...

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