Modification Summary

Date: 3/7/2004

Project: Add name decals to hull

Cost: $140 for decals and supplies


Name Decals

We've had offline for almost 18 months now, and still don't have the name on the hull.  Well, that has been remedied.  Offline's name is now plainly visible on both sides of the hull.

The decals were ordered from Boat U.S. in January.  My wife gave me these decals as a Christmas present, but we didn't get them ordered until later.  The image at the top of this (and most of the pages on this site) is a representation of the name decal.

The folks at Boat U.S. Graphics were very friendly and helpful, and I appreciate their help when I ran into problems with ordering the decals online.  I received the decals less than a week after the order was placed, and they've been sitting on my shelf waiting for it to warm up enough for me to apply them.

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  The preparation of the hull was fairly straight-forward.  I apologize for not getting any photos of this part of the process.

The hull was cleaned of dirt, and wax using a 2:1 mixture of water and denatured alcohol.  After the hull was dried with terry cloth towels, the hull was measured, and blue tape was used to mark the area where the decal would be applied.

The decals ship with a backing that is removed and discarded, and an application tape which carries the letters to the hull. 

A mixture of soapy water was then sprayed on the backs of the decals and the hull.  This facilitated getting the decals on the hull, and allowed movement to adjust the positioning of the letters.

After careful application of a squeegee (supplied with the decals) to bond the decals the the hull, and to eliminate all of those pesky air bubbles.  The decal, with the application tape still in place, was allowed to dry.

It is very important when doing this step to work from the center of each letter towards the edge.  This will remove nearly all of the air bubbles before they are trapped and difficult to remove.

After the tape and decal has dried, the application tape is removed by slowly and carefully pulling back at 180.  You must constantly check to see that the letters are adhering to the hull, and not pulling up with the application tape.
And here is the finished product.

I'm very happy with the way this turned out.  I have one or two small air bubbles that I missed, and those will be dealt with using a pin and a bit of pressure to bond that part of the decal.

I will post a new picture when I get offline in the water and have an unobstructed view of the lettering.

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